Today is Hatch Day… again…

Today is Hatch Day... again... While the awe of watching a tiny little chick break into the world all on its own, the reality of having more chicks to care for is slightly overwhelming. We have never had this many chickens at so many different stages of life, and lets just say it is maddening.... Continue Reading →

Brooders and Chicks!

It has been a long time since we have had baby chicks around. The last time was the summer before last and they were raised by a mama hen, so we didn’t get to experience the joys of baby chicks in brooders. The last time I actually took care of baby chicks was the Spring... Continue Reading →

Incubating Eggs, Part 3

We made it to day 18! The day 10 candling confirmed that the all those Minorca, and two other eggs, did not develop. While I am disappointed, it might have been a good thing. While the Minorcas are supposed to do great in our climate, they are extremely flighty and annoying. So we decided we... Continue Reading →

Incubating Eggs, part 2

Today is day 7! This is a big day because we get to see how the eggs are doing, and because I have patiently waited this long. Yay, me! So far, so good. Most of the eggs are showing veins and a tiny baby chick, and the air sack looks about the right size. The... Continue Reading →

Incubating Eggs, part 1

Back in September we bought our first two sets of breeding chickens, Ameraucanas and Minorcas. I have been “patiently” waiting to actually start hatching those eggs. Well, that time has finally come! The only eggs we have ever hatched were hatched by a broody hen, so all I had to do was give her eggs... Continue Reading →

Pigs, a Learning Experience.

Normally when I start something new, I spend weeks to months researching about it before I jump in. I read numerous books, articles, blog posts, all the while taking meticulous notes. I still feel woefully unprepared, but it eases my mind a bit. I did this with gardening, canning, new babies, chickens, and goats… I... Continue Reading →

2018 Plans

With the start of the new year, I have been planning my goals and to do list. I'm trying to keep it simple since we will be adding a baby and that is a huge addition. However, there's a lot we really need to do this year… and a lot I just want to do... Continue Reading →

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