Introductions seem in order. 



I am Elle. Yeah, thats all I can think to say about myself. If I really had to dig deep and talk about myself, I will tell you I am a wife and mother. I live on a farm in Mississippi, bona terra farm.  I enjoy knitting and reading, but don’t have nearly enough time to do those things. I also enjoy cooking and canning and since those are vital, I make time for them. I am writing this for us, so that years down the line we can look back on everything we have done. If others find it interesting or useful, that is an added bonus. I tend to learn things the hard way and make many errors along the way, so maybe someone can read what we did wrong and learn from it. I have no delusions of being perfect or even close to “normal.” But I’ve been told the craziness is entertaining to watch.

The other residents on the farm include:


My wonderful husband, Vince. I can’t describe how amazing he is. He saw the craziness and still married the craziness. Sometimes that makes me question his sanity, since no sane person would have married me, but I don’t dwell on it too long incase he comes to his senses. We both studied Classics in college, and met in a Latin class. In the very little spare time he gets, he plays chess and reads old classics and books on history. Yep, we are those type of nerds.


Our wild little boy, Isaac. He thinks he’s a dog, and the dogs think he is one of them, so it all works out. He recently acquired the skill of hugging the cats without them running away. He also thinks it’s completely normal to have chickens and goats. He copies and “helps” us with all our projects and I love to watch him learn and explore.

There are also the dogs, Isis and Cleo. I grew up with a love of all things Ancient Egyptian, so to clarify, Isis is named after the Goddess Isis and Cleo is named after Cleopatra. The more I write the more I realize how nerdy I am.


Godric the ferret should be mentioned, he is very old for a ferret. So I am preparing myself the best I can for the inevitable. But look how cute he was when he was a baby!!

The chickens we have now all have names, as they were the backyard flock that led us down the rabbit hole of farming. There is Coco, Poulet, Fluffy, Bunny, Penguin, Daisy, Rosie, and Perceval the Rooster. There I go again with weird names.

Since we moved we adopted the cats Missy and Sophia. As my vet said, “I love how you always adopt the animals no one else will take.” Yep, thats me… but in all seriousness we got them all fixed up and they love being able to roam and explore the farm.


We also have Millie and Penny twin Nigerian Dwarf goats. We also had Trixie, but she recently passed and we are still waiting for answers about why she passed.

This is the current residents at bona terra farm, but who knows who will join us in the next few months and years.

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