So this little farm has been full of surprises!

The owners before us had been using it as a weekend place for years, and the land needed a lot of love. We assumed that besides the overgrown Rosemary bush and the house we would basically be starting from scratch with nothing.

We moved in the end of December and everything was brown and sleeping. We focused on the house and I mentally planned what to do outside.

February rolled around and it was warmer than usual, and thats when I got our first surprise. There were flowering trees! They were out in the pasture that was so overgrown that I couldn’t get to them, so I had to observe from a distance and wonder what they were. Then a few days later the tree outside our bedroom window flowered… We had three HUGE pear trees! Can you imagine my excitement?! Well I don’t want to get your hopes up and then crush them like mine were. Thanks to the cold that followed our warm February, and the lack of care they have received they didn’t produce much fruit and what fruit they did produce was destroyed by a fungus. I still have hopes to manage them in a future and maybe next year they will bless us with a bounty of pears.


Like I said I had great hopes for those pear trees so I eagerly awaited spring. As the leaves started growing and grass got greener, I watched for new plants to surprise me. I’m not sure what I thought there would be, but I was curious.

Then the sad little broken stump by the pond started to grow, and a similar looking tree out in the pasture and another by The Gate House! The Gate House tree is producing the beautiful pears that grace our cover photo… and the other two trees are still mysteries. The fruit shape looks much more Apple like than pear, but the trees are in such bad shape its hard to tell. Again I have great hopes for them in the future.


Around this time plants all over the place erupted in white flowers. They were nestled under trees in the pasture and from a distance we thought maybe they were azaleas. To my surprise one day the plants next to the drive bloomed those same blooms and visions of Blackberry Cobbler danced through my head. This place is over run by blackberries!!

I thought the surprises would end there, but just the other day I found Muscadines.


There is nothing better than nature surprising you with so many treats. Right now these treats are a terrible temptation, I know we won’t get large quantities of anything, but  I look forward to the future harvests.

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