Real Life and Little Things

Sometimes I feel like we are in an endless spiral.

Every time we make progress in one place, we fall behind somewhere else.

We have been here 6 months and there is not one single room or project finished.

I’m not kidding.


We are living with holes in the walls, awkwardly placed furniture to cover said holes, and temporary fabric as drapes.

Outside is even worse! Wood, animal feed, tools, and random other items are covering the back porch. Moving from a house with a garage to one without is hard!


And you know nature thinks its fun to make things more difficult. I am in a fight with an over grown jasmine vine that I am seriously loosing. Then there is the weird wild cucumber vine that took over after I cut down one of the many overgrown roses. Turns out the cucumber thrives when it gets the sun the rose bush had been blocking.

Okay, thats enough complaining.


So instead I am going to focus on the little things. The little areas that are cozy and the little projects that have been finished. The little things that make the rest bearable. The little things that bring joy and beauty. Because one day everything will be finished and I will miss these days.

I will snuggle up in Isaac’s little tent and read him the hundreds of books he insists on bringing me (he loves his books!) Because what more do I need than a place to snuggle with my little man.

I will spend too much time focused on the perfect lettering and spacing on labels. Then carefully staging and photographing eggs and cartons. Because those eggs are the beginning of bigger things.


I will stand in the yard and watch the chickens forage, the garden grow, the dogs, cats, and little man chase each other (yes, in a happy playful way) and just not look at the chaos on the porch. Because I rather be out there in the middle of things, enjoying what we are building.

These little things are worth everything else. One day the walls will be fixed, the porch will be clean, and the vines will be gone and I can sit and relax.


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