Something possessed us, mainly my love of bacon, to add pigs to the farm…

I’m going to take a moment to remember how much I love bacon.

It could be much worse, we have had them two weeks and they have only gotten out twice.

We had originally talked about getting Gloucester Old Spots. Vince found some breeders back in the spring, but the female was pregnant and I wasn’t sure I wanted to jump into that many pigs at once. So we put pigs on the back burner. By the time I felt well enough to function and discuss pigs, we had trouble finding Old Spot feeder pigs. Vince found some… thirteen hours away… that wasn’t going to happen.


So I searched Craigslist. I found some Yorkshire/Duroc mixes only an hour away. So we bought 4, because I love bacon.

IMG_2584We got them home and in their pen, and I named them Prosciutto, Sausage, Bacon and Ham. Our plan was/kinda still is to rotate them around the pasture. We started them on a small section of what was the garden this year, within a week they tilled up the spot. So we moved them to the next section. After two days in this spot it was mostly tilled and two pigs broke free that afternoon. We got them back and ‘fixed’ the spot they broke free. We woke up the next morning to the dogs barking as the pigs explored around the house.

IMG_2688We spent the rest of that day fixing a new enclosure, chasing pigs, and seriously contemplating sending them to the butcher early. With the exception that we took a break to find out Baby #2’s gender, that day was all about those stupid pigs.

It turns out something was wrong with the electric fence, so instead of being electric it was just a simple flimsy net that they just walked straight through.

This time they are in an enclosure of hog panels and electric wire that gives a much more powerful shock… Vince and his dad both decided to test it. We were a bit worried it wouldn’t discourage them, but once Bacon decided to bite down on the electric wire, not once, but twice, they seem to stay away.

IMG_2476They have now been in this section four days, every night and every morning we pray they stay where they are.

Despite the craziness, pigs seem to make this feel so much more like a farm. You can’t have pigs in a backyard in the city!

Pray for us that they stay where they are supposed to be…

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