It’s a…

During all the chaos that was loose pigs, we also had our appointment to find out the gender of Baby #2.

The appointment was scheduled right in the middle of Isaac’s nap time … on Halloween. That wasn’t my brightest idea.

I hoped that either he would sleep in late that morning and therefore want a later nap, or be tired enough for an early nap. Well he would have slept in, if the dogs hadn’t gone crazy barking at the pigs, and then he was tired enough to take a nap early, but because of the pigs he was too excited to sleep in his carrier. I have to agree, who wants to sleep when there are pigs running around.

So just in time I loaded up a sleepy toddler and headed to the appointment, while Vince and his dad finished putting the pigs enclosure up. I hoped Isaac would fall asleep and at least get a 20 minute nap on the way into town, instead he sang along to his movie. I love how everything works like that.


I get there just in time and sit down and get ready to wait, because normally the wait is super long. Not today! Today they get us back in a couple minutes, which means Vince is not there. The idea of missing this because of stupid pigs made the day all that much more stressful.

I tell the ultrasound tech I am going to film it for my husband since he was on his way but wouldn’t be here in time. She wouldn’t accept that and insisted that it was fine to wait on him, even though he was 30 minutes away. She was so sweet about it, insisting that this was not something he should miss.

Vince finally gets there, and we wrangle an overly tired toddler back into the room. Once the video popped up on the screen Isaac was engrossed in watching his little sibling move, kick, and wave. And then the sweet Ultrasound lady asked him if he was excited that he was going to have a baby sister.


Needless to say we are thrilled!

We had hoped this baby would be a bit calmer than Isaac, but based on that ultrasound and the kicks I feel, she is a mover! I think she is going to fit in around here nicely.

We are so excited to welcome our sweet little girl, Vivienne Grace, this April.


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