At Least It’s Not Maine

Funny little story.

A couple years ago Vince was searching the internet for land. All the sudden he excitedly exclaims, “I found the perfect place!” Upon further inspection I inform him that land is in Maine and I don’t do cold Maine weather. It was winter in Mississippi and I already barely left the house, so me in Maine just wasn’t going to happen. He agreed I just couldn’t function in Maine and kept searching.

“We could have moved to Maine,” became his go to statement anytime I complained about how hard it was to find land around here.

Thankfully when we bought this farm the random Maine comments stopped, for the most part. Then the cold came to us.

It is freezing here, temperature are in the teens, but feels like single digits. We live in Mississippi for goodness sakes, it’s not supposed to get this cold!

At first it wasn’t that bad. We decided to bring the cats in and add more straw to the farm animals houses. The first cold morning, Vince proudly proclaimed he could handle Maine winters since he successfully handled that mornings feedings in freezing temps. Then came that night, when the temp dropped to 10 degrees.

The cats didn’t want to come in or stay in, so they have been fun to deal with. Then all the animals’ water froze… and still hasn’t thawed. The lake froze. The goats and chicken refuse to leave the warmth of the goat house. The dogs don’t want to go outside. The toddler demands to go outside, but refuses to dress appropriately for the cold. And I refuse to stand too near the doors since they are cold.

Since the waters are frozen and the hoses are frozen, Vince has to carry buckets of water to the animals a couple times a day to ensure they have water to drink.

All this was to say I finally got my payback. After multiple trips carrying water in freezing temps, sitting in the cold trying to catch a cat in the dark, he comes in and wearily sits down trying to get warm. I smile and say, “We could have moved to Maine.”

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