2018 Plans

With the start of the new year, I have been planning my goals and to do list. I’m trying to keep it simple since we will be adding a baby and that is a huge addition. However, there’s a lot we really need to do this year… and a lot I just want to do to make things prettier. Obviously necessity trumps aesthetics, but I can’t help but confused the two sometimes.

The master to do list is so long that it is slightly overwhelming. Every time I cross one thing, I find two more things that need to be added. And everything seems to be a huge priority! I keep reminding myself this farm as our lifetime project and one day it will all be done. For now I just have to focus on one project at time.

The good news is two of the biggest things on this year’s list or are done and it’s still January! That gives me great hope for this year.

One of the biggest things was in backyard fence. I know that doesn’t seem priority, and it wasn’t  until my belly started to get bigger. There is no more climbing over electric netting for this pregnant lady, and that made feeding animals extremely difficult. Now that the fence is up, I have a gate into the animal yard and can easily walk into their yard. Its nice to be able to be able to do something on ones own again, small victories! The other great thing is Isaac is contained. Which means that instead of spending half our time chasing him, he can play with the dogs and goats and we get things done quicker. The goats also really love coming into the ‘people’ yard, so there’s that.

Most of the priorities for 2018 are animal related. The reality is to make this farm profitable, we need more animals. We need to be able to efficiently house, feed, and water the animals to reduce waste and maximize profits, all while not sacrificing their health and happiness. And yes, for us happy animals are very important. This recent freeze showed us many flaws in our current system. Thankfully it isn’t as bad as it could be, but we still need to fix things.

The other big priority is the garden, Oh the garden! Did I ever mention the fiasco that was last year’s garden? I’m not sure I want to revisit it, but the short version is the garden failed for many reasons and now we are trying something else. I would like to point out I suggested doing this in the first place, but was told it was too much work… Let’s see how this year goes.

The change is that instead of plowing traditional rows, we will be using raised beds and a more intensive style of gardening. We did this at the old house on a smaller scale and it worked marvelously, so hopefully it works on the larger scale. Again I am going to take a moment to applaud myself. Every time something happened and Vince, looking befuddled, said “this didn’t happen at the old house,” I smiled and told him the benefits of the system we used at the old house. Now things could still fail, but we both have hope. Raised beds will at least help the soil quality, the not so great drainage, the moisture retention, and will mean I do not have to bend over as far. That last point is my favorite part!

Since the farm and the new baby will mean lots of work for the next year… who am I kidding, it means lots of work for years and years to come, my big project inside the house is our bedroom. It has taken a backseat to the rest of the house, but no longer, I will make it a nice relaxing retreat, and hopefully before baby arrives. The plan is bold, red velvet drapes and pink walls. I have a wonderful husband who lets me decorate however I want. There has also been extensive searching for bedside tables, headboards, and new bath vanity, but I’m so picky, I’m not sure I will find those things in the next 3 months. I really shouldn’t have waited till this late in the pregnancy, but oh well.

So there are some of the big plans for 2018, and sadly these aren’t half of them, so wish us luck and pray for our sanity!

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