Incubating Eggs, Part 3

We made it to day 18!

The day 10 candling confirmed that the all those Minorca, and two other eggs, did not develop. While I am disappointed, it might have been a good thing. While the Minorcas are supposed to do great in our climate, they are extremely flighty and annoying. So we decided we aren’t going to bother breeding them, at least for now.

I candled the eggs again on day 14 and all the remaining eggs had happy little chicks moving about.

It is amazing to see!

On the outside it looks like any ordinary egg, but on the inside there is a tiny chick, growing and moving.

Now for the most stressful part, at least for me, day 18.

I candled them to double check the air sack was about the right size. I am hoping with more experience this wont be so much of a guess. A few of the sacks looked a bit smaller than they should, which makes me nervous, but hopefully I just saw it wrong.

I also removed the automatic turner, and bumped up the humidity. Everything I read said bump the humidity up to 60%-70%.


Those first few days I struggled to get the humidity lower, well as would be my luck, I am now having trouble keeping the humidity high enough. They say not to open the incubator these last few days, but make sure to keep the humidity up so you don’t end up with “shrink-wrapped” chicks. So I am sitting here trying to decide which is more important keeping the humidity up or not opening the incubator.

I am a huge control freak and this whole process is a huge test of my patience and a lesson in letting go.

Just a few more days, and we will all know how this went.

I stopped at Tractor Supply Sunday to pick up bedding for the brooder to make sure everything was ready for any chicks that do hatch… and I left with 12 Rhode Island Red chicks. This is what some might call a problem.

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