Today is Hatch Day… again…

Today is Hatch Day… again…

While the awe of watching a tiny little chick break into the world all on its own, the reality of having more chicks to care for is slightly overwhelming.

We have never had this many chickens at so many different stages of life, and lets just say it is maddening. We have layers, breeders, older chicks on grass, and younger chicks in brooders. It means different types of feed and multiple different groups to feed, so feeding them takes so much longer. We can’t wait till all the chicks are grown and together eating the same feed!

Not to mention that I didn’t like the brooders we built as much as I had hoped (great design for a few chicks, not for a few dozen). Then we found out we hated the coop we built for the older chicks, it is just too hard to move, which was the point of the coop.

But we learned, and are adjusting the rest of the coops to be more moveable.

Our goal this year was to increase our flock of layers from 17 to about 100.  We planned to to hatch well over a hundred, since we knew some would be roosters and we would probably loose some along the way.

We have quite a few roosters, so now we are trying to decide their fate. I know what most of their fates will be, we just need to decide if we will be the ones sending them to that fate. While I have no issues sending animals to butcher, I haven’t been able to worked up the courage to do it myself.

Yesterday I was setting up the brooder for these new hatchlings and wondering why we chose to do this. I mean really, what were we thinking?!

Then we woke up to chicks cheeping away and I saw the look on Isaac’s face and I remembered that we are doing this for them.

And so we welcome more chicks into this madness and count them among our many blessings.

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