The Way Plans Change

IMG_0540We had big plans for this little farm when we moved in. Over the last few year the plans have changed and expanded. We also experimented and learned.

We have learned a lot about our land and have had to rethink how we house animals and where we can plant certain plants and trees.

img_4767This year we decided to scale back a bit and refocus our plans, refocus them closer to the original plans. We had always dreamed this farm would be mostly self reliant, at this point it is far from self reliant.

Yes, we have our own eggs, and we still have pork and whole chickens from those experiments, but we still have to buy most of our food.

So Vince and I spent several months deciding our priorities and what changes we wanted to make this year. With another baby due in July, we decided to downsize in certain areas and take the year to finish half-finished projects and reset so we could start fresh in 2021. We decided no new chicks, but to breed the goats in the fall for a Spring 2021 kidding. We decided no vegetable garden but to fill out the flower/herb garden and plant a few more berry bushes and fruit trees. Basically to take a break without sacrificing those long term goals.


But sometimes outside forces cause you to change plans.

In the midst of remodeling our old rental for my grandparents, Vince started reading things about a virus sweeping through China. The terms epidemic and pandemic were being thrown around. Instead of using this as a forewarning, I kept going about my life as usual. Actually I did something worse, I ignored my normal preparedness mindset and  relied on already prepared foods letting ingredient stockpiles dwindle.

When the first cases were reported in the U.S. I still didn’t take it serious. By the time I realized the seriousness so had everyone else and the food shortages had hit. I normally buy certain staples in bulk, and since I hadn’t been baking/cooking much I was under the mistaken belief that we were good.

We were not.

So things needed to change.

Quickly vegetable seeds were started, a male goat was acquired, and an Azure bulk order was placed.Kids Playing on Slide at Bona Terra Farm


Its funny, I repeatedly told Vince I wanted to use 2020 to get back to the original plans we had for this farm, but it took a pandemic to actually get me to head in that direction.

We are still far from where I’d like to be, but we are finally taking steps to get there.



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