Venturing into Goat Breeding

When we first purchased our goats, the intention had been to breed them and milk them.  By the time they were old/big enough to breed, they would have been due to kid the same time Vivienne would be born. I was not prepared for that so we put it off, and put it off, and put it off. Then earlier this year we finally decided that we would plan to breed the girls this fall and have them kid next spring. But it was not a firm decision, and we kept wavering.


Then Covid-19 hit and our plans changed. Milk became hard to find, and as I stood in the kitchen wondering if the store had milk or not, I watched our freeloading DAIRY goats play. Why on earth did I have dairy goats and no milk?!

So now my decision to breed the goats was firm and more immediate. Vince was still wavering.


First we had to rehome the two goats we had acquired last summer. They were very sweet girls, but they had horn issues and quite frankly I didn’t want to breed them. Within hours they were off to their new home, with a man who was prepared to deal with the horn issues.

Then I began my search for a male. It was harder than I thought, and I widened my search to find an already bred female. I was getting desperate for milk.

I finally found the perfect male. He was close, cheap and super cute. Vince agreed and I dragged his allergy miserable self to get the goat. Since I am pregnant enough to not be able to catch a skittish goat, Vince caught the goat and we were on our way.

Now here is the funny part, and I only tell this because its just our luck and neither of us is blaming the other, he turned out to be a she… yeah.

I never got close to the goat till we were home, and by then I was trying to give it space so it would calm down. Vince had never thought to check whether the goat was male or female because he assumed I had things under control and he was just plain miserable trying to hold a skittish goat.

Vince wanted to give up and move to Maine. I instead started looking for a new male.


At this point the virus is causing more and more places to issue shelter in place orders and I wanted a male on our property when/if that happened. I also wanted to persuade Vince to keep the new female who was very cute and starting to calm down.

I searched every goat group Facebook page within drivable distance, all the bucks I found were either sold or more than I wanted to spend. I messaged seller after seller with no luck. Just as I had given up hope, I woke up to a response. The buck I asked about was sold, but she had one left and she attached a photo. I saw the photo and fell in love, he was the cutest buck I had seen in all my searching. I asked age and price, assuming he would be another dead end due to price. She quickly responded and I was sold.

Now to sell Vince on the idea. I waited patiently for him to wake up, I wanted him well rested and in a good mood. Allergy season is in full force so persuading him to get another goat after the he/she incident when he is already miserable was going to take some work. While he was not thrilled by the idea, he agreed, on the terms that if this one was a girl, we were done.


It was a bit of the drive to get this little boy, and I’m fairly certain Vince was regretting that he let me do this, but baby goats make things better. Especially cute baby goats with the correct genitalia.

So now we just have to wait and hopefully we will have several baby goats to play with this fall.


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