Just a Quick Update

Just a Quick Update

It’s been a long time since I have updated the blog, where have I been? Here and there, swamped by projects, and daily life.

When Vince and I discussed our goals for 2019, we realized the farm and our lives were moving in one direction, while we were still trying to push them back to the direction we “thought” was the best. When we took the time to step back look at things, we realized the direction things were moving, was actually better than the direction we thought we wanted.

Changes have been made. Priorities have been shifted. So far for the better.

We have spent the last few months finishing up some big farm projects, traveling to Paris, organizing the house, finishing some house projects, and trying to update our plans for the future.

Thankfully these busy months have left me with lots of posts, now to just sit down and write.