Labeling Eggs

I was recently trying to design the “perfect” label for our eggs, and this has brought up discussions about labeling and marketing. When you look at egg cartons in the store, there are various terms thrown around that most people don’t fully understand, half the time I don’t even understand. Most of this is based... Continue Reading →

Real Life and Little Things

Sometimes I feel like we are in an endless spiral. Every time we make progress in one place, we fall behind somewhere else. We have been here 6 months and there is not one single room or project finished. I’m not kidding. We are living with holes in the walls, awkwardly placed furniture to cover... Continue Reading →


So this little farm has been full of surprises! The owners before us had been using it as a weekend place for years, and the land needed a lot of love. We assumed that besides the overgrown Rosemary bush and the house we would basically be starting from scratch with nothing. We moved in the... Continue Reading →

About the Land

Since I introduced the current residents of bona terra, I thought it was also worth introducing the actual farm and its story. We first saw the farm online when searching for land, we ignored it because it was too expensive. Then my mom found it online and was determined for us to at least look... Continue Reading →

Introductions seem in order. 

I am Elle. Yeah, thats all I can think to say about myself. If I really had to dig deep and talk about myself, I will tell you I am a wife and mother. I live on a farm in Mississippi, bona terra farm.  I enjoy knitting and reading, but don’t have nearly enough time...

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