Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! This time last year we were in the midst of a move. We had just moved the day before and were surrounded by boxes and chaos. So much has changed since then, but we still surrounded by boxes and a bit of chaos. This year though, its boxes of presents and chaos... Continue Reading →

Chicken Math

Ever heard the term Chicken Math? I hadn't either until I got my first chickens. It appears there is this weird phenomenon where you set out to have a specific number of chickens and through various reasons you end up with anything other than that number. For Example: I originally got 4 chickens. When they... Continue Reading →

It’s a…

During all the chaos that was loose pigs, we also had our appointment to find out the gender of Baby #2. The appointment was scheduled right in the middle of Isaac’s nap time ... on Halloween. That wasn't my brightest idea. I hoped that either he would sleep in late that morning and therefore want... Continue Reading →


Something possessed us, mainly my love of bacon, to add pigs to the farm... I'm going to take a moment to remember how much I love bacon. It could be much worse, we have had them two weeks and they have only gotten out twice. We had originally talked about getting Gloucester Old Spots. Vince... Continue Reading →

Big News

We’ve been MIA the past month. There’s been a lot going on, all of which I plan to fill you in on, but the biggest news first…

More About Chickens

After my last post, I want to be clear, I was not bashing the chicken industry. These large scale operations are a product of the world we live in. Families can’t grow and raise their own food in a normal city setting. Big cities don’t offer the room needed and most suburban settings have strict... Continue Reading →

Labeling Eggs

I was recently trying to design the “perfect” label for our eggs, and this has brought up discussions about labeling and marketing. When you look at egg cartons in the store, there are various terms thrown around that most people don’t fully understand, half the time I don’t even understand. Most of this is based... Continue Reading →

Real Life and Little Things

Sometimes I feel like we are in an endless spiral. Every time we make progress in one place, we fall behind somewhere else. We have been here 6 months and there is not one single room or project finished. I’m not kidding. We are living with holes in the walls, awkwardly placed furniture to cover... Continue Reading →


So this little farm has been full of surprises! The owners before us had been using it as a weekend place for years, and the land needed a lot of love. We assumed that besides the overgrown Rosemary bush and the house we would basically be starting from scratch with nothing. We moved in the... Continue Reading →

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