Incubating Eggs, part 2

Today is day 7! This is a big day because we get to see how the eggs are doing, and because I have patiently waited this long. Yay, me! So far, so good. Most of the eggs are showing veins and a tiny baby chick, and the air sack looks about the right size. The... Continue Reading →

Incubating Eggs, part 1

Back in September we bought our first two sets of breeding chickens, Ameraucanas and Minorcas. I have been “patiently” waiting to actually start hatching those eggs. Well, that time has finally come! The only eggs we have ever hatched were hatched by a broody hen, so all I had to do was give her eggs... Continue Reading →

Pigs, a Learning Experience.

Normally when I start something new, I spend weeks to months researching about it before I jump in. I read numerous books, articles, blog posts, all the while taking meticulous notes. I still feel woefully unprepared, but it eases my mind a bit. I did this with gardening, canning, new babies, chickens, and goats… I... Continue Reading →

2018 Plans

With the start of the new year, I have been planning my goals and to do list. I'm trying to keep it simple since we will be adding a baby and that is a huge addition. However, there's a lot we really need to do this year… and a lot I just want to do... Continue Reading →

At Least It’s Not Maine

Funny little story. A couple years ago Vince was searching the internet for land. All the sudden he excitedly exclaims, "I found the perfect place!" Upon further inspection I inform him that land is in Maine and I don't do cold Maine weather. It was winter in Mississippi and I already barely left the house,... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! This time last year we were in the midst of a move. We had just moved the day before and were surrounded by boxes and chaos. So much has changed since then, but we still surrounded by boxes and a bit of chaos. This year though, its boxes of presents and chaos... Continue Reading →

Chicken Math

Ever heard the term Chicken Math? I hadn't either until I got my first chickens. It appears there is this weird phenomenon where you set out to have a specific number of chickens and through various reasons you end up with anything other than that number. For Example: I originally got 4 chickens. When they... Continue Reading →

It’s a…

During all the chaos that was loose pigs, we also had our appointment to find out the gender of Baby #2. The appointment was scheduled right in the middle of Isaac’s nap time ... on Halloween. That wasn't my brightest idea. I hoped that either he would sleep in late that morning and therefore want... Continue Reading →


Something possessed us, mainly my love of bacon, to add pigs to the farm... I'm going to take a moment to remember how much I love bacon. It could be much worse, we have had them two weeks and they have only gotten out twice. We had originally talked about getting Gloucester Old Spots. Vince... Continue Reading →

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