Incubating Eggs, Part 3

We made it to day 18! The day 10 candling confirmed that the all those Minorca, and two other eggs, did not develop. While I am disappointed, it might have been a good thing. While the Minorcas are supposed to do great in our climate, they are extremely flighty and annoying. So we decided we... Continue Reading →

Incubating Eggs, part 2

Today is day 7! This is a big day because we get to see how the eggs are doing, and because I have patiently waited this long. Yay, me! So far, so good. Most of the eggs are showing veins and a tiny baby chick, and the air sack looks about the right size. The... Continue Reading →

Incubating Eggs, part 1

Back in September we bought our first two sets of breeding chickens, Ameraucanas and Minorcas. I have been “patiently” waiting to actually start hatching those eggs. Well, that time has finally come! The only eggs we have ever hatched were hatched by a broody hen, so all I had to do was give her eggs... Continue Reading →

Pigs, a Learning Experience.

Normally when I start something new, I spend weeks to months researching about it before I jump in. I read numerous books, articles, blog posts, all the while taking meticulous notes. I still feel woefully unprepared, but it eases my mind a bit. I did this with gardening, canning, new babies, chickens, and goats… I... Continue Reading →

2018 Plans

With the start of the new year, I have been planning my goals and to do list. I'm trying to keep it simple since we will be adding a baby and that is a huge addition. However, there's a lot we really need to do this year… and a lot I just want to do... Continue Reading →

At Least It’s Not Maine

Funny little story. A couple years ago Vince was searching the internet for land. All the sudden he excitedly exclaims, "I found the perfect place!" Upon further inspection I inform him that land is in Maine and I don't do cold Maine weather. It was winter in Mississippi and I already barely left the house,... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! This time last year we were in the midst of a move. We had just moved the day before and were surrounded by boxes and chaos. So much has changed since then, but we still surrounded by boxes and a bit of chaos. This year though, its boxes of presents and chaos... Continue Reading →

Chicken Math

Ever heard the term Chicken Math? I hadn't either until I got my first chickens. It appears there is this weird phenomenon where you set out to have a specific number of chickens and through various reasons you end up with anything other than that number. For Example: I originally got 4 chickens. When they... Continue Reading →

It’s a…

During all the chaos that was loose pigs, we also had our appointment to find out the gender of Baby #2. The appointment was scheduled right in the middle of Isaac’s nap time ... on Halloween. That wasn't my brightest idea. I hoped that either he would sleep in late that morning and therefore want... Continue Reading →

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